Using A Simple Stretch Belt For Exercise

Suffering with Arthritis can make it very difficult to exercise. I have suffered with arthritis for over '20' years but I was able to maintain a fairly active lifestyle. I was a member of a gym, worked out '5' times a day until 2008 and at that time my movement became extremely difficult and I was forced to quite the gym. My muscles were tight and painful and any form of exercise was difficult.

Since I had difficulty getting up from the floor I decided to exercise on the bed, so I bought a latex stretch band. The problem with the stretch is that it broke, so I bought others and they broke as well.  One day when I was shopping at the thrift store I saw a stretch belt for .99 and decided to buy and use it for my bed exercises. The belt worked out great and I have been using it every since.  The stretch belt maybe used the same as a latex stretch belt.

You may use the belt as is, or you can cut off both ends and stitch the sides together.  This belt allows you to do different types of stretch exercises. I do the ones that I outline here.

1. Hold the belt firmly with both hands, place one foot into the belt and stretch leg     
   up and down; alternate from left to right leg.
2. Hold belt firmly with both hands; lie on back slight bend knees and pull toward chest
3. Hold belt firmly with both hands; lie on the side and lift left leg then right leg
4. Hold belt firmly with both hands; lie on side lift one leg left far; then to the right
5. Hold belt firmly with both hands: Place both feet into the belt; lift both legs high as
6. Put both feet inside of belt, stretch legs apart as far as possible.

There are all types of exercise programs for the advance users online.