Tuesday, January 25, 2011

More About Manuka Honey

Celebrities are taking advantage of the many uses of Manuka Honey. On an episode of Wendy Williams Wednesday January 19th 2011, the actress Lucy Lawless(Xena: Warrior Princess) discussed the healing properties of Manuka Honey.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Journey With Osteoarthritis

I have suffered with osteoarthritis for the pass ‘10’ years. The symptoms became progressively worse within the last ‘5’.  I experienced more swelling in my joints, increased pain, and very limited movement. In fact just sitting and getting up from a chair was more difficult. I took Over-the-counter pain medication, anti-inflammatory drugs recommended by my orthopedic doctor.   Based on the recommendation of my orthopedic doctor I took the injection treatment of SYNVISC for several years.  This type of treatment worked fairly well; however one of the main side effects is pain, swelling and/or fluid buildup in or around the knee and consequently I had them all. Within the last ‘2’ years I decided not to take any more injections because the side effects seem to out weight the benefits.

During the middle November 2010 a former co-worker sent me an email about the use of Cinnamon and Honey for different aliments. Well arthritis was one of those aliments listed.  I immediately went to Wal-Mart to purchase the honey since I already had a big container of cinnamon on hand.  Within one week of taking the honey & cinnamon mixture I begin to notice a drastic reduction in the swelling in my knees. The second week I noticed that my movement was very much improved and I could actually move my legs without agonizing pain.  I am continuing to take this mixture and each day I am seeing improvement.  I am now able to resume a light exercise regiment and hope to some day get back to the gym.
My arthritis is by no means cured but I am mobile and that means a lot.  This remedy may not work for everyone, but I have had much improvement in my condition.  After sharing my story I received a lot of feedback from individuals that recommend the Organic Manuka honey which I begin taking and it seems to offer even greater benefits.

Another herb for anti-inflammatory worth trying is ginger, which comes in capsules or tea.